10 reasons to quit playing video games today! You can do it!

10 reasons to quit playing videos games today, the advice you need to hear! So you need a few reason to quit gaming? Good, you have come to the right place. Here are 10 reasons to quit playing video games today!

  1. Get in shape. Take a look around the gamer community. Most of the people who play video games are completely out of shape. They spend more time playing video games then actually exercising during the week. Isn’t that pathetic? They run more miles in a virtual environment then they do in real life.
  2. Get laid. Do you have an active sex life? Have you ever had sex? Are you still a virgin? If you answered no to any of those questions and you are still playing video games you have a problem that needs to be fixed asap! Quit gaming and get laid! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qHcoMMaW2ZU
  3. Get a job. Are you poor? Do you have student debt? Get a job! Make money! You probably have heard growing up that money isn’t everything. FUCK THAT SHIT! Money makes the world go around. Money=Happiness.10 reasons to quit video games today Don’t let anybody make you think not. If they say shit like that, all that means is that they are poor.
  4. Move out of parents house-You know what’s pathetic? Living with your parents! Hearing them bitch and moan about getting old. Fucking sucks, I have been there. Get motivated and get out

    10 reasons to quit playing video games today

    Mixed race teenager loading car for college

  5. Read books-You know what I can’t stand more than anything? Stupid people. There are enough stupid people in the world. Don’t be won of them. Books=intelligence. Read more books and you will increase your intellectual ability. Foreign-language-dictiona-007
  6. Learn to fire a real weapon-The world has been built on the rifle, but yet so many men have never fired one. More men have fired weapons in a virtual environment then in the real world. What sounds cooler? Hey guys want to play video games or Hey guys want to go to the range and shoot my 30-30? Real life wins every time.

    10 reasons to quit playing video games today

    man firing a pistol

  7. Travel-Not travel to another planet in a video game. I’m talking about traveling to another city, another country, a different state. Get out and explore the world.
  8. Go to school-Maybe you have no education or can’t afford an education..Ok then go on you tube and watch documentaries. You can learn so much from that website.
  9. Join the military-If you can kill someone in a virtual environment then you can kill someone in real life. Why play in a virtual environment when you can do it in real life. Do you want to be an Soldier or Marine in a video game your whole life?
  10. Start a family-Love a women, raise a family, be the provider, the defender. This option is a more serious option and should only be considered if you have completed the majority of the other options that I have provided. A family would be more exciting than playing video games.
    These are 10 great reasons to quit video games today. Stay focused and take it one day at a time! Best of luck gentlemen!

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