How the brain changes after quitting video games details inside

Identical to pornography, the day you begin to quit video games your brain begins to rewire itself. Let me explain,I’ll give you a few personal examples. I played a lot of rainbow six siege on my ps4. If you are unaware it is 5 v 5 and when you get killed you can’t re spawn. When I would get 1 kill it was exciting and then after a few weeks getting only 1 kill was boring. I was then only happy when I would get 2 kills, and then again after a few weeks that got boring. Then only getting 3 kills made me feel good and once again I was getting bored. Then I went onto getting quad kills and eventually even getting 80% of the kills it was not enough. I was only satisfied when I got crazy kills, killed all 5 of the enemy, or dominated using advanced weapons. I played a shooter called Battlefield 4. The same thing happened. I was only happy when I was going on 20+ 25+ 30+ kill streaks! Notice the similarities between the stories? You may or may not realize it but when you play video games it gives you an adrenaline rush. When the rush gets boring you have to do more and more to get that rush you once had!

quit video games, How the brain changes after quitting video games

When you begin to quit video games you brain begins to re wire itself! Your brain has been used to getting lots of  dopamine every time you play. This causes your brain to go into a whirlwind. It doesn’t understand what is happening. Where is the dopamine rush that I was getting every day? Over the next few weeks you will go into withdrawal symptoms. The more hardcore gamer you were the worse the withdrawal symptoms are going to be. Trouble sleeping, bad dream, emotional swings, irritation, acne….The list goes on.

Check out this website.

The website lists all types of withdrawal symptoms that you may or most likely will feel. The withdrawal symptoms you are going to feel are identical to people with quit cocaine or porn. The first two weeks are going to be the toughest. After a few weeks you will find out that you’ll be happier with good thing happen no matter how small they are. Your brain will reward you more because it feels less dopamine. You’ll sense the feeling I am describing after the first two weeks. I stated in another former post that you don’t want to watch tv, game footage, or play slot machines at all. These are devices that can give you the same rush as you were getting while playing video games. It is going to take some time. Stay determined and you’ll find success! Best of luck gentlemen!


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