Quit video games and join the military when your ready to die your alive

Quit video games and join the military today. What sounds cooler to you? Being a general in a video game or being a general in real life? Do you really want to be stuck with virtual memories of being a commander in a video game for the rest of your life?

Hear is a snippet of an interesting speech. Fast forward to the 4 minute mark. From 4-5 minutes Commander Rockwell explains that when you are willing to die for something then you are alive. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FaCHBmGWcBc Remember that. Is anyone going to remember you for gaming online? Being a general in a virtual environment?

Take a look back into all the great men in history. Napoleon, Mac Arthur, Patton, Caesar, Andrew Jackson, Stonewall, “Rip” Ford, Rommel….The list is filled with thousands upon thousands of bad ass men. They didn’t play in virtual worlds! They played, fought, and killed in the real world!

Anyway back to the topic of discussion, quit video games and join the military. Maybe you have played simulators your whole life and have gotten quite good! Take those skills to the army and play war games with North Korea or China.quit video games and join the military

When you are playing video games you aren’t getting in shape and aren’t protecting the free world. In the video game world you roam around mountains in Iraq hunting charlie. Get in shape and do the real thing!

I once met an army 11b. He had 30k subs on youtube. He was a hardcore gamer. I give him mad credit. He said he woke up and said what am i doing with my life? Deleted his youtube channel, sold his gaming equipment the next day, and enlisting a few weeks later. Talk about changing your life! He is a fine example of what a motivated individual can do.


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