Strategy To Quit Playing Video Games! Follow this strategy to Victory!

Strategy to quit playing video games. Follow my strategy and I promise you’ll find success to quit video games! Best of luck gentlemen! It was towards the end summer of 2014 when I realized that my video game habit was slowing me down in life. I knew I had to make a change. At the time I had a lot of problems in my life, poor, no friends, couldn’t find a job, addicted to cigarettes, porn, and was depressed daily. Video games were the only thing keeping me happy or at least giving me some sort of happiness. I didn’t quit gaming then. I didn’t finally quit until July 2016. When your making the decision to quit video games you do not want do it cold turkey! Follow these tips and tricks and my strategy and I promise you will find success.

quit video games cold turkey

  1. You need to keep busy. You need to fill time with activities. This could be anything! Lifting, running, making music, mountain climbing, boxing, get a job, or even get more than 1 job! What ever you like do it and get used to doing it a lot! I got a job, it’s a shitty job that pays shit but you know what it’s better than sitting playing video games all day! Also at night time now I read books and am currently working on learning German! What sounds cooler? The guy is smart, intelligent, speaks multiple languages, or the guy who lives in his mom’s basement and plays video games 24/7?
  2. So you have filled up time in your schedule. Good! You are making progress! Now you have to slowly cut back on your gaming habit. It took me two years to get to were I am now! Quitting something you love it tough. Withdrawal is tougher. The hardest addictions I have quit are Porn , video games , and cigs in that order. It took me 10 years to quit watching porn, 2 years to quit gaming, and 6 years to quit smoking. This is not going to be easy. You are here and that’s what counts! Still reading? Good! Quitting cigarettes and video games have a lot in common. I smoked a pack day. Each week I would cut back 1 cigarette. Before I knew I knew it I was smoking only a few times a day. When you are quitting video games ask yourself this question. How many hours are you playing a day? On the weekends? Find out those numbers! Write them down! Now all you are going to do is slowly cut back. I played 3 hours a night M-T and 4-7 hours Friday and Saturday nights. When your playing during the week just say to yourself tonight I am only going to play 2 hour and 55 minutes. The next day cut back 5 more minutes. Just a little bit at a time. Before you know it, within a few weeks you’ll be playing only an hour a night! Eventually you will get to the point of disgust. When you get to that point then you can make the move and sell off your gaming gear. Sell it all! 2 Steps to quit video games! It’s that simple! After completing step one you are half way there!

new language

Here are some other random tips to achieve your goal of quitting. Watch this documentary

Don’t hang out with people that are associated with gaming. I’m not saying do be friends with them just find a new group of friends to be around. When I quit smoking cigs, the biggest help was not hanging out with people who were smokers. Take it one day at a time. Also you want to make sure you are slowly deleting gaming apps on your iphone, cellphone, ipad tablet. Also don’t play slot machines. The slot machines are identical to video games. The only difference is you will lose money. When you quit gaming you want to make sure you quit it for good!

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