Things to do when you quit gaming! Lots of idea inside!

Here are a few things to do when you quit gaming! Quitting video games is tough! Now that you have all this new found free time you need something to do! Here is a few ideas to get you started!

  1. Lift weights! Become a deadly machine! Get wash board abs!work out quit video games things to do you quit gaming
  2. Go running! You know what feels good? Being in shape! 99% of men in the world would struggle running 3 miles straight! Are you one of those men?
  3. Go hiking! Climb that mountain!
  4. Go searching for big foot! Seriously! There are constant sighting in the application and rocky mountains.big foot quit video games things to do you quit gaming
  5. Learn a new language! German, French, Russian!
  6. Learn a new card game! Black jack, poker, go fish!
  7. Become a hunter! Killing a wild animal and making it your dinner is a manly activity.
  8. Go swimming! It’s a great work out and a great way to get in shape!
  9. Join the military! You have played games killing people and used teamwork online your whole life. Why not do it in real life? Remember there isn’t a reset button, no extra life, or re-spawn.
  10. Become a minister! Marry people, do funerals, and spread the love of your religion!
  11. Travel the world!
  12. Move to a different city! Go for a fresh start!
  13. Read books! Increase your knowledge!
  14. Pick up chicks! Go talk to that girl you have always wanted to say hello too!
  15. Become a coin collector! Kind of lame but who cares what other people think about it!
  16. Learn how to fire, clean, and maintain a weapon! You would be surprised how many men have never shot a gun before.
  17. Get a visa and travel into north korea! That would be an adventure!
  18. Learn archery! Maybe you are accurate with a gun, but how accurate are you with a bow? Btw cross bow with laser sight and acog doesn’t count.

What are you ideas? What are things you are going to do when you quit gaming! Best of luck gentlemen!

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