Video games create a false sense of reality, you can quit gaming today!

The truth needs to be known that video games create a false sense of reality. That screen you look at while your playing video games tricks your mind into thinking it is real life. The human mind loves to explore and loves adventure. Take a look at what the British accomplished before they lost their empire after WWII. They conquered the world! At one time the sun did not set on the British Empire!  That’s what can be accomplished when you don’t play video games!

Video games create so much stimuli and that is what is tricking your mind! Take a look at any grand theft auto game. You can drive cars, fly planes, kill people, run over cops, you can explore buildings, and bang lots of hookers. Your mind always has somewhere new to explore! For the most part would’t it be exciting to do most of these things in real life? Of course it would! Think on how many miles you run while playing a shooter in one game session? If you play 1 hour that is close to 10-maybe 15-20 miles! Do you think your going to lose weight by running in a virtual environment?

video games trick your mind into a false reality

When you are playing a racing game your tricking your mind into thinking you are an actual race car driver. If you took all the hours and put those towards becoming a driver, you could be on the track doing the real thing. Wouldn’t that be cool?

Porn tricks the mind into thinking you have had a real women. Think of all the games were men and women alike walk around have virtual conversations. These people are having conversations over a microphone and tricking the mind into thinking they are having a conservationist in real life.

In almost every aspect of the video game environment is your brain being deceived into thinking you are experiencing the real thing. I do want to say that video games training simulators for people going to flight school or training for real life situation that is completely fine and acceptable. What I want you guys to get out of this post is to remember that video games give you a false sense of reality. Live your life in the real world! Best of luck gentlemen!

video games create false sense of reality

quit video games and be bad ass like Han!

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