Video games are a waste of time. Real life advice today

Video games are a waste of time. What have you gained from playing video games? A simple question that may be very hard to answer. Let’s do some quick math. Let’s say you play 20 hours of video games per week. That’s roughly 2 hours Monday trough Thursday and 12 hours from Friday till Sunday night. That’s 80 hours a month, 960 hours a year , or roughly 40 full days of playing video games!!!! HOLY SHIT!! That is a lot of time! So what do you think you could do with an extra 40 days out of the year? Think you’ll have time to work out? Yes! Learn a new language? Yes! That possibilities are endless!

what have you gained from playing video games

So what have you really gained from playing video games? Or should the question be what have you lost from playing video games? If that were the question, the answer would be time. Lots of time gone and that time is never coming back. That time is in the past!

Let’s take a look at a few examples at what video games teach you. Let’s say you are playing shooter. At the end of the day you learned how to kill people in a virtual environment. Is that really bad ass or cool? Sure it can be exciting at sometimes. Being the guy who steps it up in the clutch, but really what else have you gained? Have you gotten stronger, faster, smarter? Not really. And that’s the point I want you guys to get from this post. Video games can be exciting and you can learn some fundamental team work skills, but is the time worth it?

You can gain so much more out of life by not playing video games. Learning new languages, studying history, becoming stronger, smarter, and faster than everyone else! I leave you with a choice. Dominate in the virtual world or dominate in the real world? What will you choose?

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